Take Personal Action


Hopefully you have read about the Triple Crisis on this website and can appreciate the seriousness, magnitude, and complexity of the problem. Our best hope is to enact massive change on a national level. But, national redirection only happens as a response to a ground swell of combined personal action ... a protest movement or a revolution. Nothing will happen if individuals do not take their fate into their own hands. In addition, there are many things individuals should do to be ready for the coming crises whether they be power shutdowns, food shortages, or climate-caused catastrophes. Remember, don’t plan on calling someone on your cell phone to come and save you. Everyone will be too busy saving themselves.

On the Mega-level, all of the following parts of the acronym LEARN

will have to happen if we are to survive as a society:

1. Continue to educate yourself about energy, population, and ecology. Don’t be misled into complacency by the delusions.  Join with others for support.

2. Drastically decrease your personal gasoline consumption. (One-eighth of the world’s petroleum goes to American motoring). This will save money as prices steadily rise. If you can’t afford a hybrid, buy one of the many cars that gets 35 mpg and drive half as far. This is the easiest first step and will be safer when there are fewer big cars.

3. Tighten up and heat only a core area of your home (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, living area) to less than 65 degrees F. for the winter months. Wear much warmer clothes. Three hundred square feet per person would be luxurious for 99% of the world. Rearrange water pipes and insulation accordingly. In hot climates, move the living area to a cooler zone (cellar, breezy area) to minimize air conditioning. When the weather cooperates, you can expand back into the rest of your home.

4. Grow a garden. Dig up the lawn, fertilize and build up the soil. Start now. It takes a few years to get up to speed. Remember one acre could be a commercial farm in China. Learn where food comes from and how to store it. A good part of suburbia is built on good farm land. Buy a copy of Mother Earth News.

5. Get the kids involved and start your own solar photovoltaic system. A couple 150 watt panels, charge controller, batteries, and 1000 watt 120-volt inverter costs about $3000. Don’t worry about inter-tying with the grid as this will be your personal back-up system. Check state incentives.

Finally, and most importantly, keep this movement expanding by reproducing the Survival Handbook PF.pdf... by ones, hundreds, thousands. Mail them out or leave them anywhere. Add your comments or opinions. This is an anonymous work-in-progress that must reach great numbers of Americans in a very short time. Thanks for becoming proactive.