The Triple Crisis of Civilization

Negative Population Growth


Population growth cannot continue. This taboo subject is the most critical and toughest challenge to face humankind, a species out of control while ravaging the earth’s remaining resources. No other living creatures consciously ponder their future survival ... hence a difficult life as maximized numbers always stretch the limits of their environment and finite food sources. Are we up to the task of controlling our future? We will never get another chance on this planet because the artificial resource base of peak of fossil energy is being depleted forever.

Respected population experts tell us that even 1.5 children per couple will not start population downward until long after fossil energy declines and our environment is irreversibly destroyed. Only one child per couple will provide the time (50 Years) to mitigate a transition to sustainability.

How can this be done?

1. As delineated in “Action On A National Level,” we need a massive national commitment, including rationing, education, and economic incentives for things that work, not extra tax credits for additional children. Who would bring a child into a future doomed without negative population growth? Respect the math and science. Less new babies is the only hope for today’s children.

2. Hopefully, with the cooperation of all religious and ethnic communities, as well as peer pressure, all methods of contraception will be encouraged. A vasectomy after one child might be much more acceptable than undependable and/or unacceptable birth control. China’s unsuccessful attempt at one child per couple led to a large plurality of male children. This obvious infanticide has been documented throughout history even through the Victorian Era.

3. Like any living species, humans gravitate toward resources. ”We want what you have.” Immigration (legal and illegal) is a huge problem throughout the affluent western world. The first Europeans were (usually unwelcome) immigrants to the American continents. They multiplied and prospered, in many areas on the backs of slave labor, while fossil energy and vast natural resources expanded the party.

    If the U.S. is successful in implementing a long-term national survival plan based on population reduction, obviously we will need very rigid immigration laws to support our progress.