The Triple Crisis of Civilization



Civilization has reached a perfect storm of terminal illnesses. There are already serious symptoms which cry out for attention. The earlier the correct diagnosis, the better hope for successful treatment. As stated before, population growth and eco-devastation, as exacerbated by cheap, plentiful energy, have been with us for years, but so far have been problems “somewhere-else” on the planet. Now that peak oil, signaling fossil-energy depletion, is out of the closet, we need a precise understanding of our dilemma.

    The human psyche tends to externalize or ignore facts which are remote, unpleasant or economically impossible to estimate. Although history, math, and science tell us we are traveling an unsustainable path, we continue blindly along, as creatures of habit and pleasure, oblivious to our direction and fate.

    We need an honest diagnosis of our collective, synergistic ills and a prognosis which prompts us to action. The respected references offered in this Survival Handbook form the basis for this short summary and are the best sources for further research. Every individual, parent, teacher, political leader, theologian, and media member should strive to understand the details and magnitude of our pending decline and potential collapse as a civilization. Once the seriousness sinks in, each should alert as many others as possible even if it means only passing along this document. First, we must be aware, before we can begin action including personal planning for survival.