The Triple Crisis of Civilization



Once we understand that our life-supporting resources, especially fossil energy, are fast depleting or being destroyed, the first thing we should do, obviously, is conserve what we have left. This is the most difficult pill to swallow as it signals the demise of the fossil-fuel based growth-and-consumption party we’ve been on for longer than any living human memory.

    Initial conservation would actually be easy for us Americans since we presently waste so much. The other industrialized nations like Japan or western Europe use only half as much energy per capita as the U.S.. In the long run, nothing will save us if we don’t also reduce population on a path similar to declining fossil energy. Growth, as we know it, will inevitably reverse.

    We need strong leadership to guide us equitably on the journey to a new low-energy, sustainable civilization starting with the honest facts of why we need to ration our precious, remaining, non-renewable, fossil fuels ... we need to end our “addiction to oil”. Read on for the treatment program. Get involved. Make a difference.