A thesis is offered based on the following logic path: Real energy is required for GROWTH ... of anything.

1  Our debt-based financial system of  principal plus future interest is an example of GROWTH dependency which can only work when there is a continued surplus and commensurate increase  in availability of real energy.

2  Over ninety percent of our real energy is derived from FINITE sources led by oil (about forty percent), which has recently peaked in availability due to the natural constraints of our finite planet plus increased costs and difficulty of extraction.  

3  Suggested alternatives are minuscule, site specific, delusional, or limited by annual incoming solar energy. The finite fossil fuels also represent solar energy but with the concentration of hundreds of millions of years in the making in three convenient forms. These are the laws of physics and math. No amount of wishful thinking or research grants can change them.

4  In order to keep our energy-intensive society from quickly contracting and then collapsing from reduced real-energy input, we have only one option, to reduce real-energy losses.

5  A most wasteful energy loss (one-eighth of world oil) is the American use of gasoline for fast travel in large cars.

6  We could make a giant first step in oil reduction and mitigation of the imminent real energy decline by rationing the availability of gasoline equally between the wealthy and poor. One gallon per day per licensed driver would halve our U.S. consumption with very little decrease in miles traveled if we drove smaller cars slower.

7  Electronic tradable gasoline coupons could be saved or openly traded on the open market. This would immediately transfer wealth from those who can afford to prematurely use tomorrow’s energy today, to those who choose to conserve and soften the impact of the imminent post-oil age.

Please give these thoughts a chance. Let them sink in. Test them against other proposals and pass them along to others, especially to those in a decision-making capacity. Our best hope is rapid, exponential, diffusion of ideas and information now possible in the electronic age. 

For contact: John Howe

Gasoline Rationing . . Are You Kidding?